How to Create a Beautiful Gallery Wall

Creating a beautiful gallery wall in your home creates a welcoming feeling in any room. A curated display of photographs, posters or prints, creatively arranged on a wall displays a focal point and creates a feature. It doesn't have to be complex, and you can mix and match family photos along with posters to customize your vision. Or it can be as simple as a one click purchase for any of our curated, framed gallery wall original fine art prints. 

A good piece of advice is to choose the largest piece you want to display, first. Measure your wall space and lay your collection on the floor. Stand back and look at them all together (allow a bit of space between them for the frames).And then take other collected photos or prints and lay them around the piece to see how they can compositionally work. If there is something that jumps out at you, and doesn't fit - take it out! Move the pieces around, sometimes simply placing one piece in a different place, can make all the difference.

Most importantly, have fun! A gallery wall should speak about what you like as a person in your home, and that's the same whether you buy a curated selection of prints that make you feel good, or you choose separate pieces from your own collection. It's your home, so make it yours! 


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